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the direct route to inventory management

We provide our customers with discrete and strategic solutions for the effective disposal of branded consumer goods.

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Whether it be overstock, bankrupt stock, liquidated stock, wholesale clearance, surplus or excess inventory – we are able to achieve effective and discrete redistribution of any overstocks that you accumulate and pride ourselves on retaining an excellent level of repeat-business with clients throughout the world.
As a highly creative remarketer, we invest time in understanding your business before exploring the solution. Your business comes first.

By providing value-added services to help ensure brand and relationship longevity, our team have the full capabilities to sell through a pre-qualified and trusted global network of customers. As we continue to service the requirements of countless satisfied customers, we are also constantly seeking additional opportunities to develop new relationships and strengthen our portfolio.

Our key markets are branded consumer merchandise including.

  • Clothing & accessories

  • Watches & Sunglasses

  • Jewellery

  • Luggage

  • Homeware

  • Cookware

  • Tableware

  • Glassware

  • Dinnerware

  • FMCG

  • Beauty & Fragrance

  • Sports and Leisure

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Small Domestic Appliances

  • Toys & Games

  • Garden & DIY

Our efficient and significant purchasing power, coupled with our global network, makes us the preferred go-to solution to countless brands worldwide.

Our aim is to continue in the establishment and development of long term collaborative relationships with clients globally.

Our extensive inventory management experience, coupled with our own team of experts, allows us to apply an in-depth knowledge and understanding of global markets to the planning of effective disposal strategies.

With fully supported European warehouse and logistics facilities, we can be relied upon to arrange the handling and shipment of any inventory – looking after all aspects of stock disposal, from start to finish with professionalism and care.

Redirect Marketing is the direct route to inventory management.

Our Services

Every year in the UK alone, millions of pounds of retail inventory becomes classified as surplus, overstock or end of line. The stock may be outdated goods, over orders or merchandise that is simply underperforming on the shop floor.

Effectively managing these assets is often overlooked in retailer strategies and surplus stock levels can rise over time.

Converting these assets into working capital can be as important as gross sales in determining the ultimate success of a retail or business operation.

Smart retailers, our suppliers, know that in order to focus on the future, they must not be hindered by their past. They understand that the best way to stay healthy is to aggressively manage their obsolete and surplus stocks and, in most instances this means we pro-actively convert their excess merchandise into working capital.

We can appraise, manage and monetise the inventory that no longer fits your broad strategy and plan.

Simple, flexible solutions
Instant decisions
100% upfront payments
Straightforward terms
Experienced purchasing team
Brand protection (where applicable)
Secondary markets explored
Multiple warehousing facilities
Dedicated logistics & Worldwide export capabilities

The key to successful retailing is to offer great products and great value.

We have helped some of the world’s retailers to gain and retain their edge on branded discounted opportunity-buys and promotions and in doing so, have earned ourselves a reputation of being a closeout specialist with a difference. With a sole focus on the procurement of known value items within the branded consumer merchandise market, our customers have grown to expect the best merchandise and a service level to match.

Trusted suppliers from global and market leading brands, rely on our effective inventory management services and this allows us to purchase some of the world’s best branded products at excellent prices and these savings are then passed onto our customers.

If you are looking for branded consumer merchandise at fantastic discounted prices then get in touch today.

Creativity put into practice – the professional way.

With over 20 years’ experience in developing products and service for some of the world’s leading brands, retailers and manufacturers, we have the skills to target, recognise and deliver these opportunities.

Working with manufacturers to develop opportunities by research, selecting, targeting and creating products for the right brand and customer, ready to take direct to the market.

With retailers and brands in all aspects of product development.

Work in partnership with retailers globally, to help them bring the best consumer goods to market.

We successfully service retail partners with good, better, best branded, licensed and own label ranges.

We work in partnership on a range of services designed to meet specific requirements that include

Marketing, planning and concept
Research and validation
Branding and positioning
Product packaging
Inventory and supply chain consultancy

Do you have a bright idea but no idea how to locate suppliers for the products you want to sell?

You’ve found your niche, identified potential customers by the dozens and the profit potential is enormous. There’s just one problem….. You haven’t a clue where to start finding the products you need in order to stock your shelves.

Don’t be dismayed…

Our team of multi lingual sourcing specialists retain a combined 20 years of experience and have the world’s finest manufacturers and distributors at their fingertips.

Get in touch today to see how RM can add value to your product sourcing requirements.


The official one-stop solution for all the latest Formula 1 merchandise.

We enrich the b2b global motorsport wholesale community by offering clear and direct alternatives to trawling the internet trying find the latest Formula 1 merchandise.

Being the recognised licensed partner to some of the highest profile brands within Formula 1 and the motorsport industry enables us to bring all the major teams’ merchandise, including exclusive and limited editions, under one roof. Meaning whatever your affiliation or location, you can rest easy in the knowledge that every product from us is always official and authentic.

As fellow petrol heads, we share your passion for motorsport!

We are trusted by the biggest names in motorsport to promote and strengthen their brands, through the provision and sale of their replica team and fan wear collections.

Formula 1 racing merchandise brings the thrill of the Grand Prix directly to you. Discover your favourite F1 driver or explore our F1 racing team collections easily and with confidence. We provide authentic apparel and exceptional quality and service every time you buy from us.


We have been working with Redirect Marketing on all of our inventory management requirements for the past 2 years.

They have assisted us with a variety of solutions to redistribute our excess merchandise into new markets that don’t disturb out existing sales channels.

They are trustworthy and reliable and I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a valuable partner.

CEO, Global Sports and Licensing Company

Redirect offer reliable and efficient solution to managing our overproduction and excess product. They can be a trusted and reliable partner and we are without hesitation to recommend them.
International Sales Director

Glassware company, Europe

In 2014 we formed a strategic relationship with Redirect Marketing to ensure any aged or excess stock is sold via the correct, restricted channels in a timely and professional manner.

The transparent approach, combined with swift payments has ensured a successful partnership and as a consequence they are now our preferred solution for closeout stock and we look forward to working with them on further opportunities this year and beyond.

Business Unit Manager, Motorsport Merchandise Company

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